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Highlight Title
URL BIO Division State, Congressional District Keywords
Visualizing rapid skeletal movements DBI Rhode Island District 01, Rhode Island District 02 X-ray, motion, vertebrate, biomechanics, XROMM, 3D
Tiny Caribbean clingfish carries venom IOS Texas District 17 anatomy, fish, vertebrates, function, evolution


Highlight Title URL BIO Division State, Congressional District Keywords
Protecting amphibians from fungus DEB California District 13, California District 23 frog, epidemic, fungus, host, outbreak
Mapping cell development one line at a time MCB New York District 10 signal, immune, development, disease, medicine, stem cell
A social network for 3-D ecology DBI Maryland District 03 Ecosynth, vegetation, imaging, citizen science, hardware, remote sensing
Mining cellular images DBI Massachusetts District 07 software, imaging, cells, algorithms, liver, cancer, disease
Biodiversity as disease defender DEB Colorado District 02 parasite, host, amphibian, wetlands, snails, infection
From bioscience to bioeconomy MCB Arizona District 09 function, complexity, man-made, systems, health, technology, disease, nanoscale, smart materials, applied
Cultivating future plant genomics researchers IOS Georgia District 10 genetics, diversity, professional development, mentoring, SoyMap, participation
The science behind a flower’s sweet scent IOS Washington District 7 attraction, reproduction, pollen, pollinator, genetics, bee, crops


Highlight Title
URL BIO Division State, Congressional District Keywords
Surviving white-nose syndrome: How some bats may avoid extinction DEB Massachusetts District 07 sociality, host, pathogen, pollinators, agriculture, fungus, infectious disease, EEID
Diagnosing and treating bacterial diseases with a simple cartridge assay MCB Wisconsin District 02 disease, assay, pollution, pollutant, environment, RET, MRSEC, education
iBiology goes behind the science of living things MCB Maryland District 08 education, teaching, resources, ASCB, science communication,
The algae pigment shuffle DBI California District 15 Postdoctoral Fellowship, photosynthesis, temperature, environment, fluorescence
Pollen over the past millennium DBI Massachusetts District 08 database, image, human impact, data, plants, climate, collections
Which plants will survive a warming climate? DBI Washington modeling, mathematics, seeds, dispersal, growth, survival, reproduction
Yellowstone ecosystem needs beavers DEB Colorado District 02 habitats, conservation, ecology, wolves, elk, wetlands, management, recovery
From a small weed comes great things MCB North Carolina District 01 Arabidopsis, conference, plant, agriculture, genome, professional development, training
The adventures of Bassbot: Robots explain how fishes feed DBI Washington District 07 modeling, anatomy, skeleton, muscle, performance
Dynamic activation of protein function MCB New Jersey District 06 structure, regulate, regulation, enzyme, E. coli, gene expression, transcription
Protein ‘handshakes’ vital to plant survival MCB California District 18, Washington, D.C. environment, regulatory networks, interactions, cellular communication, interactome
A mother’s protective influence: Hormone-mediated maternal effects IOS Michigan District 08 adaptation, climate change, squirrels, food, population, offspring, survival, reproduction