Program (Funding) Information

Last updated: January 6, 2017

2017 BIO Program (Funding) Information

For 2017 BIO Program and Funding information, please visit the recently updated BIO Directorate web page and our Division web pages (DBI, DEB, EF, IOS, and MCB).

In the left-hand navigation of the Directorate or Division web pages, click on “Programs” to view a list of active funding programs or click on “Funding” to view a sort-able (by name and due date) list of funding opportunities.

Please also see BIO “Dear Colleague Letters” (DCLs) which may highlight funding opportunities. DCLs are listed under “Popular Links” and “Additional Resources” on the Directorate and Division web pages.

Biological Sciences Guidance on Data Management Plans, effective Oct 1, 2015

NSF Career-Life Balance Initiative:

NSF Broadening Participation Portfolio:


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